Mother Turtle

by Mother Turtle

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released October 3, 2013

This album was concieved from May to October 2012
and recorded between January and July 2013

All music by Mother Turtle
All lyrics by Kostas Konstandinidis

MT are:
Kostas Konstandinidis - guitars, vocals, backing vocals
Giorgos Mpaltas - drums, backing vocals
Kostis Hasopoulos - bass, fretless bass
Giorgos Theodoropoulos - piano, synths, sampling

Produced by Kostas Kofinas and Mother Turtle
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Kostas Kofinas at Sin City Studios Thessaloniki Greece

Artwork by Aristotelis Mavropoulos

MT would like to thank:
Kostas Kofinas for EVERYTHING, and that includes EVERYTHING!!
Giorgos Matikas (get well soon bro) and Kostas Tsagaris (Sin city studios)
Tasos "Jesus" Stefanidis for the old logo and artwork stuff
Aggelos Theodosiadis for the teaser and the videos
Synodinos Mosxidis for the photos and support
Vassilis Papadimitriou for domestic violence and hotel services
Giannis "CTS productions" for his support
Giannis @ Silver Dollar for the venue
Notis @ Spitimougroundfloor for the opportunity
Panagioths @"Pare-Dwse" for his love
George Filopelou&Kostas Mousallam@Hokam's Razor
Dimitris Katsikis and JustinCaseProgRadio for his enthusiasm and support
Chriss Kissadjekian for the beers and the love
Hlias Metallinos for his support

The bands we met on stage:
Edmond's Trio
Lazy Aftershow
Four Session Staff
The Shiver
3 Fold Pain
Dagger Of Betrayal
Sienna Root

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Mother Turtle Thessaloniki, Greece

Mother Turtle is a Progressive Rock band from Thessaloniki,Greece. Formed in 2011 as a jam band, influenced by the great artists of the genre, they try to adapt the different elements of prog rock into their own music, taking advantage of the artistic freedom that prog rock provides. Enjoy the album and
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Track Name: 707 (A November Less)
707(A November Less)

Leave me now to drift along
Inside the cold heart of the sun
Along narrow streets of golden breeze
Where strong winds play and rainbows dwell

But here inside this white room
My veins keep drinking pale wine
So many times, that I recall
I threw my pearls before swine

People dressed in white
But I can see through them
With their hearts of wood and their empty eyes
I let them drift away

And when I can't reject the pain
Inflicted each and every day
The best revenge is to survive
And work my own way

A race in the street
A whore and some meat
Compromise the hard way
but the easy one is never quite true

Selfish and reckless
Full with pride and smiles
A bag of tricks
A lack of marbles
And an ache in the heart for the forgotten troubles

I don't know what friends are for
But it's ok when they do

Through all these years
Stars seem to be the same
but we have changed so much

Through all these years
these colorblind tears
but we have been so blind

All of the above is false
But truth is never true
So I pick up my one way ticket
And leave for the sun

Hourless films and captioned stares
but where's the honor in all this?
So let me breathe the quiet sun
And dream for all the fools.
Track Name: Mother Turtle And The Evil Mushroom part 1: The Turtle Conjuration
Mother Turtle and the Evil Mushroom Part 1: The Turtle Conjuration

Praise the Mother Turtle
Praise the Mother Turtle
and the evil mushroom
growing on her shell
oh, she's unaware
oh, she's unaware

Once upon two times,
inside the dark and magic forest
there she lived the Turtle
and on the top of her shell
there grew Zoltan the evil mushroom.

Seldom you hear
a mushroom that speaks
with human voice
but the forest was magical anyway,
so nobody gives a damn how it did so.

Then one day, the evil mushroom
spoke to the unaware Turtle
she thought these were messages
received from the Turtle God.

The evil mushroom,
evil as it was
had an evil plan
that was not that hard to guess
considering how evil a mushroom can be

And thus it spoke to the Turtle
with a smooth, soothing and convincing voice:


[No one really knows how a mushroom can conceive
a thought like that or how it knows how big the world is
but we live in the internet era so weird things can happen]

Praise the Mother Turtle
Praise the Mother Turtle
and the evil mushroom
growing on her shell
oh, she's unaware
oh, she's unaware

He wants to take over the world
and he will use the Turtle
to travel around the globe
he will use the Mother Turtle
which wasn't yet a mother at all...
Track Name: The Elf
The Elf

Just another town
One more day, one more show
Playing the bitter clown
From dusk till the final bow

Even one glimpse of you
Makes my heart so hollow
Being a fool in everybody’s eyes
Makes it hard to swallow

I never wanted to be perfect
But then again no one is
I never thought I’d be rejected
by all the freaks and even you

It's really not the distance
Not even the empty words
Walking on a burning rope
I can see how the story unfolds

I just want you to stay
I just need you to pray
No one saw, no one knew
You blamed me, I blamed you
You were so cold, you were so pale
Feeling nothing, not even pain

I just want you to stay
I just need you for one more day
They close the doors, they leave me here
My mind still missing, no one shed a tear
A voice inside, is my only friend
A crippled sound, until the end

Words felt so empty
As they crawled on my skin
They put the lights out
I still remember

Still haunted by nightmares
Still haunted by fear
I scream your name out
I pray for forgiveness

Staring at the empty walls
My hate feeds on sin
My hope is fading
But I can't escape it

Words still feel empty
My skin feels like dust
Moments are wasted
Just for one last time...
Track Name: Bridge

I've listened closely
to what everyone had to say to me
But i didn’t listen to the waves

I’ve crossed the line
did I step too far?
The road calls me
to swim inside a pool of tar

A million faces, i saw
a thousand clouds
just to paint a winter's tale
on a little white page

Can I push away your fears?
Can I hold your hand tonight?
Can I be the smile on your tears?
Can you come home and harvest the light?

Sing along with the birdsongs of autumn
and count the leaves that fell on the ground
outside the box lies a whole new perception
swirling in spirals going round and round

Above the grey waters
I lay myself to sleep
Shelter me, embrace me
on this bridge I now call home
Track Name: God Games
God Games

Business as usual
and we shall make no amends
Is there something wrong with us
I guess not when we know how it ends

It's never what it seems
When we turn our backs and leave
we collect the winds in our pocket
But we lack of tears to grieve

We never read between the lines
we’re just sleepwalking through the mines

We're so alone
as we float through space and time
Forgotten there by the stardust
on a little lonely star

We’re so alone
Just ageing through the years
Chasing ghosts, burning books
Haunted by our fears

And if we read between the lines
And if we make it some day

Let's sell the air we're breathing
let’s kill the kids we're breeding

Let's fight each other, killing
Let's plant some bombs, exploding

Let's dry the seas we're sailing
let’s hope the skies keep raining

We're but the food we're eating
we’re but the dreams we're dreaming

Lets play God with our lives...

( Al Pacino’s monologue:
Who are you carrying all those bricks for anyway? God? Is that it? God? Well, I'll tell ya, lemme give you a little inside information about God. God likes to watch. He's a prankster. Think about it. He gives man instincts! He gives this extraordinary gift and then--what does he do? I swear--for his own amusement--his own private cosmic gag reel--he sets the rules in opposition. It's the goof of all time! Look. But don't touch! Touch. But don't taste! Taste. Don't swallow! [laughs] And while you're jumping from one foot to the next, he's laughing his fucking ass off!! He's a tight ass, he's a sadist, he's an absentee landlord!! Worship that? Never! )

We know nothing
But we think we know it all
Survival instinct
Is our one and only hope

The sky is over
but the light still blinds my eyes
My skin is failing
But I want to buy a car

Dreams about money
Swimming in a pool of gold
God games played
By the ones who sold the world
Track Name: Attic

Twice upon a time
Once upon a dream
I felt i was laughing,
Where i could only scream

In a faraway land
Where the shores have no sand
The owl and the poet
Set free the caged swan

Clutching on the thin threads
Of sanity and pride
Concealed their thoughts and linked the dots
A shape of hearts inside

The bitter tears, i'll let them weave
A shadow across their way
For frayed is the path they seek
And vain is the play

Seven times the've answered
To the calls of Seers and foes
Lesson given,mischief forgiven
With songs they count the loss

Of equal three, i chose the best
And both just felt the same
Turning the page in times of haste
Can lead to smile or shame

With thirst and dust and melted wings
The owl just slept through the day
The ticking clock woke no one
And the swan just cried and prayed

The waking call found a shore
Barren of love and life
And purple seas, washed the breeze
Breathed upon a lazy eye

Eternal beam of light and fire
Cast flame upon the land
Bless the signs, conceive the rhymes
Sung by a lonely band

The owl landed and bent the branch
And the poet choked his rage
Missing parts are blank again
Just light stains on a page

Logic stems the tears of love
Gives birth to God's desires
devour the swan, a lifeless can
'Til dreaming time expires

Awaken fool, transparent moth
Behold the Angel's sin
For spice it is of man's delights
To Gods it remains unseen